Feathers Together

Feathers Together Limited is a charity dedicated to helping pet birds.

Pet birds, parrots in particular, are one of the most likely pets to be rehomed.


  • They require many hours a day of stimulation – without which they can be loud and destructive
  • They live a (very) long time – often sadly outliving their owners
  • They often like only one member of a household and can be aggressive to others
  • They are vocal and this can bother owners and neighbours
African grey parrot and Blue-fronted amazon perched on a branch

Whatever the reason, Feathers Together is here to help. Your pet bird can be relinquished to Feathers Together and you can be assured that the very best care will be provided, including veterinary treatment where required. A new home may be sought or your bird may enjoy the rest of its life at Feathers Together.

Responsible Aviculture

Feathers Together are NOT against the ownership of exotic birds as pets. Indeed, the founders of the charity keep exotic birds themselves, and believe that education is key to a successful relationship between birds and people. Responsible aviculture is the term we use to describe ‘best practice’ in bird keeping, whether one pet budgie or a commercial breeding program.